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Your Company Website Needs to Be ADA Compliant

It’s not just your physical place of business that needs to follow the rules in the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Many companies aren’t aware that their website needs to be compliant as well.

The main objective of the ADA is to ensure people with disabilities can participate fully in the world, and the reality is that much of the world now occurs on the Internet.

Having a disability should not prevent anyone from obtaining the information they need online. It’s also profitable to make your website compliant. Potential and existing customers use your website to learn about your services and who you are as a company. Regardless of any legal issues, having an accessible website is just the right thing to do.

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What Do I Need To Do To Be Compliant?

Lawyers are filing ADA lawsuits at full speed. According to website accessibility company UsableNet, in 2018, there were 2,285 ADA website lawsuits filed across the US, an increase of 181% from 2017. So far, in 2019, the rate has kept the same pace. A majority of these lawsuits originate in Florida.

The only way to prevent an ADA lawsuit is to plan for, design and build for web accessibility.

Here are a few requirements yours website should meet:

  • No automatic video or audio: Video and/or audio may not play unless a user clicks to play the media.
  • The text must meet a minimum contrast ratio against the background
  • Your site must be fully navigable via keyboard only.
  • Your site should be navigable with screen reader software.
  • Your site must handle text scaling up to 200% without negatively affecting the readability of a website.
  • All meaningful images on a website must have alt text.

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Any business that serves the public – restaurants, retail stores, banks, hotels, doctors offices, bars, law firms, public venues – are required to comply with Title III of the ADA. Let us help you with a free ADA compliance audit of your website today.

We offer ADA compliance testing and auditing. If we determine the site does not meet web accessibility requirements, we can provide web design, content, and web development services to make your current website ADA compliant. Or build you a new one.

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Ensuring your website is ADA compliant is not only important to avoid legal ramifications, but important to ensure anyone who needs to access your website can do so properly.



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It’s The Law And It’s The Right Thing To Do

In your business, when you think of accessibility or American Disability Act (ADA), you probably think of wheelchair ramps, accessible parking spots, or handicap bathrooms. All of these are in the physical brick and mortar world.

The world today has become dependent upon the Internet for so many services, everyday shopping, doing your taxes, banking, education, and conversations with friends and businesses.

Have you considered how a person with poor eyesight or blind can use the Internet to make purchases or a person hard of hearing or deaf watch YouTube videos? How can a person with no mobility navigate a website without the use of their hands?

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